May 7th-May 19th: R&B Cellars with Chef Paul Skrentny

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May 7th-May 19th Guest Chef had such and enthusiastic response to our wine paring dinners in April that we decided to do an encore of sorts. This time Guest Chef is teaming up with R&B Cellars – One of the up and coming Bay Area wineries. Paul Skrentny has worked with wine maker Kevin Brown to put together a spectacular 6-course tasting menu featuring just the right wine with each course. It is the perfect event for the wine connoisseur or for the diner who wants to learn a bit more about the...

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Chef Betsy Nevins for Catholic Charities

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April 30th-May 5th Raised in the heartland, Betsy Nevins has been close to the ingredients of good cooking since very early in life.  As a young girl growing up in Indiana, she developed her love of cooking and experience from watching and helping her mother, grandmothers and aunts prepare delicious family meals.  From her days of planting the family garden with her grandfather to the harvesting and canning of the bountiful produce with her grandmother, she has firsthand experience of farm-to-table cooking and...

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Rock Wall Wine Company with Chef Skrentny

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April 9th-April 28th Rock Wall Wine Company, one of the East Bay’s most prolific wineries, has organized a Wine Maker’s dinner featuring the culinary stylings of one of Guest Chef’s most popular chefs. Chef Paul Skrentny is back and he’s bringing a unique menu inspired by the newest offerings at Rock Wall Wine Company. For these two weeks, Chef Skrentny is teaming up with Rock Wall and offering diners a delicious 6-course prix fixe menu with, or without, wine pairings. Come on out and...

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Chef Dave Tendick of Smoke House 10

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Many people often ask where I learned to cook and I have a several influences. My first experience with cooking was with my great grandmother. My cherished memory of her was going to her house when I was very young and learning how to bake cookies and make Swedish pancakes with meatballs and dup.   In the early 90′s, while working in the kitchens of Tourelle in Lafayette, and Lascaux in San Francisco, I was being mentored by Steve Silva, Executive Chef, of both restaurants. I also studied at Diablo Valley...

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Chefs Susie Farber and Abbey Kletz of Simply Delicious

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Living in Berkeley and Half Moon Bay provides Abbey Kletz and her sister Susie Farber with the freshest of ingredients from the sea as well as produce from the farms. Their passion for food goes well beyond the ordinary into creating dishes that are full of flavor and pleasing to the eye.  Their diverse menu will include braised lamb shanks, halibut, stuffed pork chops and Asian braised short ribs.  They have both been cooking and testing recipes for years. After a successful tenure at Guest Chef in June they...

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Chef Latif Lamnaouar of LATEEVA – Moroccan Gourmet Cuisine

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MARCH 12–MARCH 24 My passion for cooking developed at a very young age. As a young boy I’d spend endless hours observing and helping my mother in the kitchen. I was fascinated by the various smells, sizzling of the food, and the coming together of family. I soaked up the lessons, as I handed her spices and watched her add them without measurement, yet so exact! I was born and raised in Morocco, and I brought the influence of my culture to all my dishes. I moved to the US in 1984 and since then I have...

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