June 4th-June 16th

Guest Chef is briefly rising from the dead!  When we decided to close our doors and sell the restaurant, there were several chefs who still really, really wanted to come and cook.  They asked if we would be willing to reopen for their appearances while we were on the market.  And we thought “what the heck – why not?”.  Our model has always been pretty fluid and seems like we should go out the same way.  So we will be reopening on June 4th through the 16th with Chefs Mike Wilson and Jackie Marie Colyer Kirschner.  Then we will be open Friday through Sunday  July 5th, 6th, and 7th and July 12th, 13th, and 14th  with Chef Adam Zappa.  We hope you will be as enthusiastic as they are and come in for our Back From the Dead Dinners – and we promise not to serve brains!

Jackie Marie Colyer Kirschner was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee and western Virginia.  Her mother was the 13th and last child of a farmer and coal miner.  Her father was a city boy , his father and mother owned the local ‘grocery store’.

Jackie was the 3rd daughter and was the one who liked to cook with her mother. Her father a training manger for a chain of grocery stores so the family was the first to try new foods.  She also cooked with her grandmother on summer breaks, tending the garden and orchard, foraging for wild berries and herbs to preserve for the winter.

In her late teens Jackie branched out and by the time she came to the Bay Area she was planning parties for friends. In her late 20’s she moved to Southern California and her passion for food became a catering business with corporate clients, a pastry chef for several restaurants and wedding cakes for hotels.

After her twin sons were grown she came back to the Bay Area, travelled in 5 continents (cooking in all of them, she never stopped trying new foods) and has renewed her passion for food by giving cooking classes… 50 years of being a foodie for friends and for vocation.”


Michael J. Wilson was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa.  As a kid, he grew up with 3 major league baseball players on his block.  Although he enjoyed going to Connie Mack Stadium for the games, his fascination veered from the game to the hotdogs, soft pretzels and concessionaires. Like any kid, home on a sick day, television was there.  In the early 60’s there were only 3, at best, television stations.  Then came National Educational Television, the predecessor of PBS.  Julia Child was there during the day and she was the best thing a kid could find on television.  He found himself watching her and Graham Kerr even on days he wasn’t home on a sick day from school. At an early age he learned to make ice cream from his great-grandfather.

His first food related job was a summer job as a dishwasher in an industrial cafeteria.  Through college he worked in bars and restaurants in the Milwaukee area, eventually owning and operating a discothèque and a live jazz club. Opportunity took him into the corporate world. After 25 years of enterprise sales, training and sales management, he has taken a different route.  In his spare time he still managed to pursue his interest in the culinary arts.  He has tested and written cookbook reviews for the Contra Costa Times. Since leaving the corporate arena Michael has launched a mobile food business, Pop Boston’s.   Pop Boston’s, named after his Great-Grandfather,  operates at colleges, fairs, festivals and private engagements throughout the Bay Area.


In 2011, Jackie and Mike decided to start a culinary club. The mission was to get like mined people together for a good “hands-on” experience and a great meal after.  In July of 2011 Culinary Addicts was launched.  A cottage was converted into a demo kitchen. It was equipped with everything necessary for full instruction.  Along with the demo kitchen a garden is maintained which supplies the members in attendance. Neighbors and club members who grow also contribute to the bounty. The concept of farm fresh to fork continues to this day.  The combined club membership now totals over 500 members and growing. At present Michael and Jackie are working on a Culinary Addicts cookbook.

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  1. 5-14-2013

    Sorry we cannot attend,We are returning home from a trip that day.
    Good luck & keep us informed

    Marv & evelyn

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