April 30th-May 5th

Raised in the heartland, Betsy Nevins has been close to the ingredients of good cooking since very early in life.  As a young girl growing up in Indiana, she developed her love of cooking and experience from watching and helping her mother, grandmothers and aunts prepare delicious family meals.  From her days of planting the family garden with her grandfather to the harvesting and canning of the bountiful produce with her grandmother, she has firsthand experience of farm-to-table cooking and knows the importance of naturally grown, fresh, local ingredients.  All this was just the beginning of her obvious calling to the kitchen and to great cooking.


Today, after honing her skills as a longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Betsy’s passion has been to develop, prepare and entertain her friends and clients with the creation of menus rich with the freshest ingredients and influenced by the many diverse cultures found in the food mecca of the Bay Area.  She loves a beautifully set table and every aspect of the preparation of a meal – start to finish.  She’s at home in the kitchen and loves the opportunity to inspire the ambiance that manifests when we come together as family, friends and even strangers to eat fabulous food and drink wonderful wines.  By the accolades of those who have sat at her table, she’s a rising star.

Betsy is currently a freelance caterer available for private parties, weddings, business functions and intimate dinners.

Chef Nevins will be donating all of the proceeds from her one week run at Guest Chef to the Oakland Crisis Response Support Network, Catholic Charities of the East Bay.




The Oakland Crisis Response Support Network (OCRSN) provides immediate and sustained support to the family and friends of homicide victims in Oakland, as part of the Measure Y Violence Prevention Initiative of the City of Oakland.


OCRSN is responsible for:

  • Responding within 24 hours either at the scene or at the homes of family members
  • Emotional first-aid
  • Intense and “hands-on” help with funeral arrangements
  • Intensive crisis support services including VOC applications and help with funeral arrangements and emergency financial assistance
  • Home-visiting grief and trauma counseling
  • Intensive case management
  • Emergency Financial Assistance to help with death and safety related needs not covered by Victims of Crime funds
  • Linkages to parenting and survivor support activities
  • Circles of Support for grief, healing, and conflict resolution
  • Social Support Activities
For more information about the programs at Catholic Charities of the East Bay, visit www.cceb.org
*more information coming soon!*


  1. 5-1-2013

    I would like to make a reservation for the counter for May 5 at 6:30. My friends Maria Ascarrunz and Lisa Ascarrunz already made reservations for themselves. I will be joining them. Thanks.

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