Living in Berkeley and Half Moon Bay provides Abbey Kletz and her sister Susie Farber with the freshest of ingredients from the sea as well as produce from the farms. Their passion for food goes well beyond the ordinary into creating dishes that are full of flavor and pleasing to the eye.  Their diverse menu will include braised lamb shanks, halibut, stuffed pork chops and Asian braised short ribs.  They have both been cooking and testing recipes for years. After a successful tenure at Guest Chef in June they were asked to return again and happily accepted. Susie’s passion for cooking started in her 20s when she lived in both Japan and the Phillipines for several months at a time. She has participated in numerous cooking classes, taught some and in May will be leading a group of “foodies” on a Tuscan Culinary Tour.   For most of her life, Abbey has been experimenting with food always looking for the  freshest and healthiest of ingredients.  From France, Russia, Japan, Italy and the Middle East or wherever else she has been on the globe she has enjoyed the taste of fine food.  She loves having large dinner parties for family and friends and the two sisters love cooking together.  Susie and Abbey are very excited to be bringing some of their favorite dishes to Guest Chef from Jan. 30 – Feb. 10.  Come join in for an amazing fun filled  evening.

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  1. 12-21-2012

    I will be there, with my fork poised.

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