My passion for cooking developed at a very young age. As a young boy I’d spend endless hours observing and helping my mother in the kitchen. I was fascinated by the various smells, sizzling of the food, and the coming together of family. I soaked up the lessons, as I handed her spices and watched her add them without measurement, yet so exact!

I was born and raised in Morocco, and I brought the influence of my culture to all my dishes. I moved to the US in 1984 and since then I have been catering various parties and events. I have taught cooking classes, and I’ve been a guest chef at local events and recently at a friend’s restaurant in Honduras, Central America, which was an amazing experience! I owned a Moroccan restaurant in Tucson, Arizona in the late 90’s called “Nomad Cafe”.

In February of this year, I started a food manufacturing company: Lateeva Moroccan Gourmet Cuisine. I have 3 products currently available at several independent grocery stores in the Bay area including, Berkeley Bowl and Piedmont Grocery. Having my own products out had been a dream for years, and it has been a very fulfilling journey to make it a reality!

Every created recipe is based on my philosophy, that dining is more than just eating. It is a time of togetherness and enjoyment of love over delicious and comforting meals.


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