Chef Ronny D. Miranda

Born and raised in Oakland Bay Area, I’m a third generation Azorean American. My family came over from the Azores in the 30’s.  All of my family can cook; it was just part of the culture and still is in my family.

I was a dish washer at a family owned ice creamery for my first job. It was a very humbling experience. Its harder than you think to get ice cream and hot fudge off plates when there are 600 of them.

Someone asked me “If I wasn’t a chef what would I be?”  My reply was simple “If I wasn’t a Chef, I wouldn’t BE”

“Strategy will compensate the talent.
The talent will never compensate the strategy.”

“If you are not extreme, then people will take shortcuts because they don’t fear you.”  -Marco Pierre White-


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  1. 9-16-2012

    Four of us dined at Guest Chef tonight and Ronny’s food was splendid. Excellent balance of flavors and spices, highlights included the cod dumplings, mackerel , stewed fish and octopus risotto. Thanks again, Chef Miranda!

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