John Harley Richter’s love of the culinary arts is a result of his well-rounded and early exposure to the world of food. As a child, some of his first memories were being pushed around the Berkeley Bowl by his parents with younger brother in tow. At a very young age, he helped their father smell melons, squeeze avocados, and assist in the weekly round up for the family meals. John’s father was passionate about fresh produce and protein, and just flat out loved to cook for his friends and family. John has taken this culinary passion and built on it, with his exploration of local food, butchery, and charcuterie.


After High School, John joined the United States Coast Guard to better himself and his country. While working on military vessels in the Pacific, Caribbean to the Middle East, he experienced culinary creations and cultures from all over the world.  These exotic dining experiences were short lived, for a majority of life was spent on large military warships, and low quality, factory farmed food was the norm.  When John’s enlistment was up, he focused his love for food and health into a career of personal training and nutrition.  In the world of fitness, misinformation surrounding “healthy food” and fat intake in the modern Western diet are common.


All these experiences resulted in a passion to become more hands on with the food that not he and his loved ones consumed, but his community as well. This resulted in the birth of his catering company, Harley Richter Catering.  Sausage and charcuterie soon became the obsession, and the culinary craftsmen decided to start a CSA delivery box to include his goods and eggs/produce from his brother’s organic farm in Nevada City, CA.


Harley Richer Meats is committed to using only the highest quality, pasture raised animal products, along with sourcing only the best produce Northern California has to offer.


John has been an active participant in the local food and pop-up movement, and has catered everything from art gallery openings to weddings.


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    looking forward to seeing you soon
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