Chef Joseph Humphrey – Introducing DIXIE

Join Chef Joseph
Humphrey for a special sneak preview of his upcoming restaurant DIXIE

January 3rd
through 22nd

Dixie pays tribute to Humphrey’s extensive experience in the Bay Area
coupled with his upbringing in the South. “Dixie is more than just a location
or a region; it is a feeling and a vibrant spirit that is prevalent in the
South. It combines the energy and vitality found, for instance, in Dixieland
jazz with the spirit of the area, a uniquely casual and warm sophistication,
long-standing tradition, and a genuine sense of hospitality,” explains Humphrey
describing the genesis of the name and philosophy of his new restaurant.

While the name references Humphrey’s upbringing in Sopchoppy, Florida;
the cuisine stems from his extensive experience cooking in the Bay Area.  “Dixie shows my proud sense of Bay Area
cooking and ingredients I’ve developed over the last twelve years, hints of my
Southern upbringing and my first culinary jobs in New Orleans,” Humphrey says.
“It will be a culmination of my experiences to date.”


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  1. 1-7-2012

    I don’t see any vegetarian entrees on the menu. Are there secret vegetarian options for the herbivores?

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