Paul Skrentny is back in the house!  For years, Paul’s Paella has been a favorite at street fairs and the fortunate private party that has had the good sense to hire him to cook.  This appearance Paul is bringing out some new dishes that we are really excited to try and to share with all of you.

Chef Paul Skrentny’s Menu

Subject to change


  1. 12-9-2011

    Any chance you might be serving lunch on Dec 21? I have a party of 22 and need to know if it is possible and if so do you have a corkage fee if we bring in some wine. Thank you

    • 12-9-2011

      Hi Jane – We are not currently open for lunch, but having said that with a party that size I am guessing the chef would be willing to do it as a sort of private party. Have you been to the space? We can accommodate that many people but it would basically be a full house. We charge a $10 corkage fee but also have an assortment of wines, some are our house wines and some are picked by the chef to compliment his or her food. Hope it works out.


      • 12-9-2011


  2. 12-12-2011


    I’m a vegetarian, and I wondered if Paul would have any dishes conducive to my diet? I’m not vegan, so I eat eggs and dairy.

    Excited to try out the restaurant!


    • 12-12-2011

      Hi Jen

      Yes – I believe Paul does have some vegetarian choices. He is serving a Butternut Squash Paella, a grilled goat cheese and nut salad and flan for desert. Hope to see you.


  3. 12-13-2011

    This whole concept seems terrific and would love to try it. I see that the pricing varies by chef and I was wondering how the menu pricing will be for this week’s paella centric menu?

    • 12-13-2011

      Hi – thanks for your interest. The Paellas are running between $15 and $17 with side dishes and apps running about $6-$8. Hope to see you. Give us a call for reservations.

  4. 12-29-2011

    Hi there,
    I’m very excited to try this new concept. I think it’s wonderful idea. I wanted to order a party tray of the Seafood Paetella. Can you do that for a pickup on Sat. 12/31?
    Welcome to the neighborhood!!

    • 12-29-2011

      Thanks so much for your encouragement. Unfortunately we are closed the 31st and the 1st. But we would love to see you any other day.

  5. 2-23-2012

    Paul – I’m looking forward to having your paella at GuestChef. It looks as though you also cater. How do I contact you to find out more about catering a party for us?

  6. 11-15-2012

    I have a gluten intolerance and while this whole menu sounds freakin deliicous, I’m afraid there’s not much for me to choose from. Can the chef confirm whether there’s gluten in the: meatballs, paellas, and what about the pulled pork tacos? Are the tortillas corn or flour? Might there be some alternative to a baguette? Can anything not be breaded and fried? I’m not a fan of mussels…Thank you (sorry to be a pain)

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