Eva was born and raised in Zacatecas Mexico.  Being one of eleven children she was taught to cook for a large family at a young age.  Her mother and older sister passed down many classic Mexican recipes she is very excited to share with the public today.

Over the years Eva has modified her recipes by using healthier methods of cooking including grilling and fire roasting the chilies and meats.  Her dishes are only made with either olive oil or canola oil.  Eva’s recipes include citrus marinated fajitas with grilled fresh vegetables, handmade traditinoal style sopes, fire roasted poblano chile rellenos and much more.


  1. 11-10-2011

    Today, we enjoyed our tacos and burrito. The ingredients were fresh. The shredded beef in the burrito was fla orful and unique. The grilled beef taco was tasty and moist. We will return to try the chili rellano. Liked the vanilla atmosphere. The price point was reasonable.

    • 11-10-2011

      Hi Darlene. Thanks for coming in and for the nice review. If you get a chance I am now yelp-able. :). .

  2. 11-18-2011

    stopped in last night, just to see.

    Love, love, love the concept.

    So I had to grab a chicken enchilada to try at home. Definately worth the wait and the walk.

    Reading the menu made me curious how she set her prices, but I have no complaints.

    Some of the other customers where raving over the chile relenos: not a dish I like, but seems to be a specialty.

  3. 11-18-2011

    That was the best I ever ate! I felt like I really was in Mexico eating! I hope you have her back so me & my friends & family can come back & eat!

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