A: Believe it or not it is just the costs of the ingredients. We pay for everything else. We are compensated by taking a percentage of the gross food receipts and the beverage sales.

A: Just click on the application button and fill out the form. We will review your application and respond within 10 days. If we get excited we will ask you to bring in a sample of your cooking (this is our favorite part). If we make a bunch of yummy sounds we will schedule your appearance at the restaurant.
A: We will be providing a dishwasher and cashier.  The dishwasher will bus and clean the tables.  We are assuming counter service but you may want to bring the food out to your customers if you are not buried – but on the other hand, it will be great if you are!
A: Yes – there is one down day between Guest Chefs so you can have entire day to come to the restaurant and familiarize yourself with the facilities, stock the supplies you will be needing, and work through any logistical concerns.
A: No – both because of health department regulations and because part of the fun of Guest Chef is you preparing the food at the restaurant you have to do all the cooking on site.
A: No – one of the most common errors new restaurateurs make is to give away their product and soon they have given away their profits (and in this case, ours as well).  It may be awkward to tell your Aunt Millie that she has to pay for the version of her recipe your are offering but we are willing to be the heavy and you can tell her it is the restaurant’s policy.  And your friends and family are there to support you – you already know your food is good, this is about making a business out of it.
A: If you click on the Equipment List button at the bottom of this page you will see an extensive list of cookware we are providing.  But if you have some special pot or pan, an awsome set of knives or some other specialized item your are welcome to bring it.
A: During your appearance at Guest Chef you are responsible for opening and closing.  You will have keys and can come and go as you want. At the end of  the night you should leave the kitchen clean, all equipment put away and the counters wiped.  Our employees will be food safety certified so you will be able to look to them for guidance.