Guest Chef is a fully equipped restaurant and kitchen incubator. If you have a specialty dish, a novel cuisine, or an experimental take on a classic, come and showcase your culinary skills to an audience of eager diners. Schedule your two week run and Guest Chef will become YOUR restaurant.


Guest Chef seats 19-20 diners and also offers take-out counter service. Set on College Avenue in the bustling Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, we provide all the basic equipment you need, from stove and fryers to plates and serving utensils. Our cashier will handle payments and beverages including beer and wine. Our dishwasher will keep things tidy. And our sound system let’s you bring the music that sets the dining mood.





This truly is a risk-free way for you to have your own restaurant for two weeks.  You bring your enthusiasm and the raw materials for your cuisine — everything else is provided. Once you have reserved your dates, you will have a full day to get oriented, get prepped, and get ready to shine!  Your appearance will be featured on our web site and promoted using social media. Expand the buzz by getting the word out through your networks as well.  In exchange for all of those benefits, you simply contribute a percentage of your food receipts. Plus, if you are a success, we will have you back for an encore.  If you are a sensation, we will work with you to open in a permanent location.